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2010+ (3 new items)

Mobilelife II. iPhone photographic diary

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ziellos (5 new items)

"The photographs in Ziellos (Berlin, 1985, 1986-90, Tokyo, 1978, 1986, 1998, and Prague) are records of, or rather participation in, existential interims, taken out of ordinary contexts, a web of relationships and everyday activities, which at other times verify our identities and give us a feeling of direction. It is, she said, "as if I were living absolutely without a plan – ziellos, aimlessly." (Michal Nanoru)


1970+ (1 new item)

On Kampa Island (Prague) there were still amazing tall elms. I was studying photography. The people in my photographs are mostly only distanced and from behind. I was so shy ...

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west berlin (1985-1990) (4 new items)

West Berlin 1985 - 1990 Berlin in my memory is a long night, a wintery and raw landscape. The wall was omnipresent – the physical wall made of concrete, 165 km along the border. The confusion, not always knowing if I was outside or inside of the cage. The wall inside my soul – loneliness, the lack of warm human contacts, isolation. The hundreds of selfies I took during this period – just with the hope of finding myself again.

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berlin (5 new items)

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night shift (2 new items)

At age 19 I haphazardly left the safe world of school for the night shift at the factory. I found myself drawn in, liking it, fraternizing with my coworkers and realizing the bleak, dirty, polluted and dishonest face of real socialism.

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killer summer (2 new items)

June 1984 - September 1984 Love polygons, red wine for breakfast, I walk the sidewalks barefoot at night, I do not understand anything and I do not mind. Life is rushing too quickly for me to understand anything, seldom sober, rarely alone. Red nails and crowded ashtrays, Eva Strawberry Bar – For God’s sake, in what theatre have I ended up? What is this strange performance? And what role do I play in it? Amid the chaos I begin shooting. And photographs work as a mirror, as a return ticket to a normal, normalized life.

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new york

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1975+ (8 new items)

Gypsies (Roma) Ball 1977

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