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1990+ (7 new items)

Back in Prague. The city is somewhat dingy. Forty years of socialism left scars ...


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ziellos (2 new items)

"The photographs in Ziellos (Berlin, 1985, 1986-90, Tokyo, 1978, 1986, 1998, and Prague) are records of, or rather participation in, existential interims, taken out of ordinary contexts, a web of relationships and everyday activities, which at other times verify our identities and give us a feeling of direction. It is, she said, "as if I were living absolutely without a plan – ziellos, aimlessly." (Michal Nanoru)


night shift (1 new item)

At age 19 I haphazardly left the safe world of school for the night shift at the factory. I found myself drawn in, liking it, fraternizing with my coworkers and realizing the bleak, dirty, polluted and dishonest face of real socialism.

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lisbon (8 new items)

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venice (6 new items)

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